[LAD] Releasing source code is not enough, I think...

Dennis Schulmeister linux-audio-dev at windows3.de
Tue Jan 21 21:13:39 UTC 2014

On Tue, 21 Jan 2014 13:11:21 +0000
John Rigg <ladev6 at jrigg.co.uk> wrote:

> I think it's unreasonable to
> expect the same level of support from unpaid developers. (If they have the
> time to do it that's great, but it shouldn't be taken for granted).

Not so in Windows land. Been there, done that a few years ago with a
fairly simple Python/GTK application. I can't remember how much effort I
spent to provide "just working" binaries to make it usable by even the
most non-techie, lazy, ignorant, you name it, users around. Not
counting personal support via private mails, forums and mailing lists.

Most messages I got were insulting at best. However I did have Italian
translation, provided by some Linux user. :-)


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