[LAD] Call for testing (final): ALSA driver for some firewire devices

Takashi Sakamoto o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
Wed Jan 29 15:00:42 UTC 2014

Hi all,

This is a final call for testing my ALSA drivers for some firewire devices.

Please test my drivers if you have some devices listed in the end of
this mail.
Or please contact to me if you have some deviices listed as 'able to be

About the way to install drivers, please refer to my previous post:
[LAD] Call for testing: ALSA driver for Fireworks/BeBoB based devices

I've already posted my last RFC to alsa-devel. So this may be a final call.
Please read my previous mail for testing.
[alsa-devel] [RFC v3] [PATCH 00/52] Enhancement for support of firewire

I have one request to you. Currently I'm preparing merge-request to ALSA.
Then I want to add testers' name into the patches with 'Tested-By' field.
Of cource, testers can reject it. Please inform me if you hope or not
when reporting.

[Currently supported devices]
 * Edirol, FA-66
 * Edirol, FA-101
 * Presonus, FIREBOX
 * PreSonus, FP10 (former known as FIREPOD)
 * PreSonus, Inspire1394
 * BridgeCo, RDAudio1
 * BridgeCo, Audio5
 * Mackie, Onyx 1220/1620/1640 (Firewire I/O Card)
 * Mackie, d.2 (Firewire Option)
 * Stanton, ScratchAmp
 * Tascam, IF-FW DM
 * Behringer, XENIX UFX 1204
 * Behringer, XENIX UFX 1604
 * Behringer, Digital Mixer X32 series (X-UF Card)
 * Apogee Electronics, Rosetta 200/400 (X-FireWire card)
 * Apogee Electronics, DA/AD/DD-16X (X-FireWire card)
 * Apogee Electronics, Ensemble
 * ESI, Quatafire610
 * AcousticReality, eARMasterOne
 * CME, MatrixKFW
 * Phonic, Helix Board 12 MkII
 * Phonic, Helix Board 18 MkII
 * Phonic, Helix Board 24 MkII
 * Phonic, Helix Board 12 Universal/18 Universal/24 Universal
 * Lynx, Aurora 8/16 (LT-FW)
 * ICON, FireXon
 * PrismSound, Orpheus
 * PrismSound, ADA-8XR
 * TerraTec Electronic GmbH, PHASE 88 Rack FW
 * TerraTec Electronic GmbH, PHASE 24 FW
 * TerraTec Electronic GmbH, Phase X24 FW
 * TerraTec Electronic GmbH, EWS MIC2/MIC8
 * Terratec Electronic GmbH, Aureon 7.1 Firewire
 * Yamaha, GO44
 * Focusrite, SaffirePro 26 I/O
 * Focusrite, SaffirePro 10 I/O
 * Focusrite, Saffire(no label and LE)
 * M-Audio, Firewire 410
 * M-Audio, Firewire Audiophile
 * M-Audio, Firewire Solo
 * M-Audio, Ozonic
 * M-Audio NRV10
 * M-Audio, ProFireLightbridge
 * Firewire, 1814
 * M-Audio, ProjectMix I/O
 * Mackie(Loud), Onyx 400F
 * Mackie(Loud), Onyx 1200F
 * Echo Audio, AudioFire2
 * Echo Audio, AudioFire4
 * Echo Audio, AudioFirePre8
 * Echo Audio, AudioFire8
 * Echo Audio, AudioFire12
 * Gibson, Robot Interface Pack
 * Griffin, FireWave
 * Lacie FireWire Speakers
 * Behringer,F-Control Audio 202
 * Mackie, Onyx-i series (former models)
 * Mackie, Onyx Satellite

[IDs are unknown but able to be supported]
 *  Apogee, Mini-ME Firewire
 *  Apogee, Mini-DAC Firewire
 *  Behringer, F-Control Audio 1616
 *  Behringer, F-Control Audio 610
 *  Cakawalk, Sonar Power Studio 66
 *  CME, UF400e
 *  ESI, Quotafire XL
 *  Infrasonic, DewX
 *  Infrasonic, Windy6
 *  Mackie, Digital X Bus x.200
 *  Mackie, Digital X Bus x.400
 *  Phonic, HB 12
 *  Phonic, HB 24
 *  Phonic, HB 18
 *  Phonic, FireFly 202
 *  Phonic, FireFly 302
 *  Rolf Spuler, Firewire Guitar
 *  Mackie(Loud), d.2 pro
 *  Mackie(Loud), d.4 pro
 *  Mackie(Loud), U.420
 *  Mackie(Loud), U.420d
 *  Mackie(Loud), Tapco Link.Firewire


Takashi Sakamoto
o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp

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