[LAD] Open Source to be or not to be?

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Tue Jul 1 10:37:20 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 06:27:05PM -0400, David Robillard wrote:
> Native code aversion is a serious problem in the entire computing world,
> which continues to snowball because all the language/etc innovation gets
> directed at VMs for no particularly good reason (and/or you get
> half-baked amateurish garbage like Javascript/PHP from people who have
> no business inventing programming languages in the first place).  I
> don't need a bloody virtual machine, I've got a real one, thanks.

Couldnt agree more. It's all just creating extra layers on the onion,
in the illusory expectation that those will be more 'standard' than
the ones below. Commercial forces will make sure that such interfaces
will diverge anyway. And more often than not they just exist to ensure
some intermediate parasites can profit from them.

It sometimes makes me think of they way tomatos are being distributed
and sold here in Italy. They will travel up and down the entire country
(either physically or just virtually) a number of times before ending
up in the shops. Both the producers and the consumers are ripped off
by middlemen taking their profit on redundant steps. 



A world of exhaustive, reliable metadata would be an utopia.
It's also a pipe-dream, founded on self-delusion, nerd hubris
and hysterically inflated market opportunities. (Cory Doctorow)

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