[LAD] Open Source to be or not to be?

Etienne Rouge contact at e-rouge.net
Tue Jul 1 12:06:50 UTC 2014

This topic's just gone full chaos quite a while ago.

I'd love to read things without seeing people namely attacked or things 
completly off topic.

Open source is a great ideal. But *today* it's a thankless ideal.

What about tomorrow ?

Either we quit this ideal and just go back 20years in the past (and if 
we have to chose a closed proprietary market, I'd rather have those good 
ol' big boxes full of stuffs rather than DRMs - which are both based on 
the same economical model) or we find a way to get open source 
developers rewarded. Rewarded socially, personally, and financially.

Solving that is the only way to stop escalating to the emotional level 
at light speed.

And that'd be great.



On 01/07/2014 13:47, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> On Tue, July 1, 2014 9:29 pm, Fons Adriaensen wrote:
>> On Tue, Jul 01, 2014 at 09:13:06PM +1000, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>> Fons is truly a saintly enigma destined for greater things that are not
>>> of
>>> this mortal coil.
>> Ad hominem remarks are usually a clear sign of not having
>> anything better to say.
>> FYI, Fons will very probably move to Germany in a few weeks,
>> to be employed as Senior Researcher by a *very* big, not
>> government funded and profit making corporation. How this
>> will affect my ability to stay active in open source audio
>> is still a matter to be discussed. But it's very well possible
>> that you will get rid of me, so start preparing the feast.
> I'll eat my hat if Fons gives up open source development because he has to
> commit all his personal resources to the Man.
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