[LAD] Standalone resources browser - mockup, near of publishing, need discussion

Zlobin Nikita cook60020tmp at mail.ru
Thu Jun 5 11:25:20 UTC 2014

Goal of this tool is to allow to search for audio plugins and for other 
resources types (sampler banks, instrument definitions, probably more) 
independently of application, needing it. I'm still thinking about final name 
for it, before to publish (since it should support not only plugins, but also 
instruments), and unsure even where to create home page for it (will describe 
in bottom).

As for plugins: currently each audio application has own plugin browser. In 
some cases it is very handy (ingen, carla), sometimes awful (audacity, may be 
more). My hope is to make it external with filemanager-like workflow. 

Currently there is one implemented way to select plugins: dragging. Drag 
object is some resource URL, which should be enough for drag receiver to 
exactly find pointed resource. But unlike file managers, it is threated as 
text - text editors just paste it instead of try to open and konsole - same, 
instead of to ask, what to do, as it always does for dropped files. Of course, 
applications are free, how to threat such resources, and apps could check for 
content before to decide, what to do with it - i.e., check, is it url, etc.

Dragging to jack patchbay canvas may be used to load plugin in single host 
(not sure, what about instrument, since there is usually separate sampler 
engine, usually managing all instruments).

Proposals about drag object format and url types for each resources are 
welcomed. I have idea, how to implement for ladspa/dssi, but unsure for lv2.
Currently there are following formats:
LADSPA: ladspa:/<path to library>/<label>
DSSI: same, but begining with "dssi:/"
LV2: lv2 plugin url (i don't know, is it possible to load plugin from specific 
library, and they recommend to identify plugins only by URL - at least 
remember URL's for database, used across sessions).

Not implemented:
Just have to learn VAMP and  somehow try VST - for some completeness.
For soundfonts, gig banks, and instrument definitions there may be same way as 
for ladspa/dssi. Sampler banks mode should be handy for 
linuxsampler/fluidsynth gui, not providing any instrument browser (qsampler 
doesn't have it, and linuxsampler database supports only gig format).

Screenshot: http://wstaw.org/m/2014/06/05/plasma-desktopau6238.png

About publishing. I have account on savannah, and want to publish it there. 
But i'm going to add vst support, and i'm not sure, is it possible (even if 
licensing is kept, how about fact itself, that it supports this feature)?

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