[LAD] Open Source Audio Meeting in Cologne, Germany (User Group)

Nils list at nilsgey.de
Thu Jun 5 16:35:09 UTC 2014

Dear musicians, programmers and normal people,

I plan to create a user group, a regular meeting, in my home town 
Cologne, in Germany.

The first meeting ever will be already on June 18th, 19:00.
After that every two month or so.  There are more dates on the website 
(see below).

Here is a brief website with all the necessary information.
http://cologne.linuxaudio.org/  (Any language is welcome but the chances 
are that most people will be from the area and therefore speak German. 
So the page is in German)

If you intend to come you can put your name on this etherpad, but this 
is not required. Anybody can show up.

Topics will be unorganized Q&A, showing off programs and music, sharing 
knowledge and tips and hopefully one day shorter or longer 
presentations, tutorials, workshops etc.
I expect most people to use Linux but any OS is welcome, therefore I 
named it just "Open Source Audio" and not Linux Audio.

So if you are in the area please join us! If you are not in the area but 
know people in the area, please tell them.



Despite the domain saying linuxaudio.org this is an independently and 
privately organized event. It is not intended to replace or get in 
conflict with the Linux Audio Conference.

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