[LAD] Audio problem for numerical optimization

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Sun Mar 2 19:11:41 UTC 2014

[Paul Davis]
>the OP(s) should by looking at both soundtouch and librubberband. any

A few years ago, I've published one which employs Dolson's original
phase vocoder (Richard Dobson's streaming C++ adaptation to be
precise) but I reckon I'm the only one to actually use it.  It's only
a command-line application, not a library, doesn't offer means of
changing the time-scaling ratio while processing, and, as I just
notice, its web page is broken rather badly (remind me to install a
"beware of the leopard" sign :).  Sound quality though is on par with
the best efforts, I think (not my achievement but Dolson's really).


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