[LAD] Audio problem for numerical optimization

"Jeremia Bär" jeb at jebdev.net
Mon Mar 3 22:45:19 UTC 2014

Hi Fons

Fons Adriaensen <fons at linuxaudio.org> hat am 1. März 2014 um 13:27 geschrieben:
> Are you supposed to optimize by
> 1. understanding the algorithm and the context in which it is used,
> and eventually modifying it within given limits on performance,
> precision, etc., or
> 2. only by changing the way it is coded (which seems to be suggested
> by your message) ?

I'm not sure I get the difference here. As I understand, optimization includes
(1) choice of suitable algorithm for the problem, (2) smart implementation, i.e.
writing code such that the compiler can apply smart optimization (e.g. aliasing)
and (3) optimizing for a particular microarchitecure (leveraging instruction
level paralellism for a fixed CPU model).
If choosing a error bound + approximation algorithm yields acceptable result, I
think that is fine. Is that your point?

> I've got something you work on but it would have to be treated as
> confidential.

We will have to submit code to a university-internal repository and it will run
through some software plagiarism system. Would that be a problem?

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