[LAD] [LAA] aubio 0.4.1

Paul Brossier piem at piem.org
Wed Mar 12 19:12:05 UTC 2014

Hi all,

A new version of aubio, 0.4.1, is out.

aubio is a library of functions to perform audio feature extractions
such as:

 - note onset detection
 - pitch detection
 - beat tracking
 - MFCC computation
 - spectral descriptors

This version is mostly focusing on media file input and output. Here is
a quick overview of the changes.

The most interesting feature in this release concerns aubiocut. Thanks
to the sponsoring of Mark Suppes, the python script to slice sound
steams was extended to be sample accurate, cut overlapping segments, and
work on multiple channels.

New source and sink objects have been added to let aubio read and write
WAV files, even when built with no external libraries. This should
simplify the use of aubio on platforms such as Android or Windows.

Existing sources and sinks have been extended to read and write from and
to multiple channels. This makes python-aubio one of the fastest and
most versatile Python module to read and write media files.

This release also comes with a stack of bug fixes and code clean-ups.

Note: this version is API and ABI compatible with 0.4.0. Since it only
adds new features to the existing interface, your existing source and
binary code will keep working without any modifications.

To find out more about aubio and this release:

Project homepage:

Post announcing aubio 0.4.1:

ChangeLog for aubio 0.4.1:

Source tarball, signature and digests:

API Documentation:

Happy hacking!

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