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Sebastian Moors mauser at smoors.de
Sun Mar 23 18:37:20 UTC 2014

Hi Aurélien,

Aurélien Leblond wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been using Hydrogen for a few years now, both by programming
> drum patterns or playing live with an e-drums and there are few things
> I'm missing...
> I wouldn't mind having a look into coding them, but I'd like to get
> the feedback/comments/opinions/screams of despair from the community.
> HiHat & EDrums
> Hydrogen only deals with close/open for the hihat control. It should
> be easy enough to mark the instruments as being part of a hihat and
> provide for each hihat instruments a range to define which one is
> triggered. For example close from 0 to 10, half-open from 11 to 40,
> open from 41 to 127.
> EDrum sends a cc message for how close the hihat is closed.
> There is already a script to do something very similar
> (http://www.hydrogen-music.org/hcms/node/2807) using mididings, but
> having it in Hydrogen would be more user friendly I guess?
This would be really handy. I'm one of the hydrogen devs and i had a 
look into
this problem some years ago.. At that time i was experimenting with a 
roland edrum
and ran into the same issue. But i switched back to accoustic drums and 
got rid of that
problem the easy way :) What i was asking myself at that time: Is there 
a standard way
of sending hihat pressure information?? IIRC the roland was sending 
similar CC messages.

> EDrums & Cymbal choke
> I believe edrums are using aftertouch for that (to confirm) - sample
> could simply be muted?
No idea.. Never inspected the midi stream of my edrum when using chokes.
I think sending a "virtual" note-off could be better then to mute it 
(then you don't
  have the trouble to unmute it afterwards).
> Multi-mics drum samples
> Drums recording often uses several mic placements and depending how
> they are mixed it changes the mood of the drums. For example mixing
> using overhead and direct samples.
> I have drum samples where:
> - the snare is composed of under, above and overhead takes
> - cymbals are direct and overhead takes
> - kick is front, back, inside
> - etc...
> Per instrument, we could have groups of samples:
> - Instrument would have one fader per group and one fader for the
> whole instrument
> - Each instrument group would have its own output
> - Each group would have its fader - if we have multiple instruments
> with the group "overhead", this fader can control the gain for the
> overall overhead
> - I don't know what to do with panner - would anybody have an opinion on that?
> - Trigger/velocity (programmed or played live) would trigger would
> trigger all necessary samples
Well, yes.. its a nice idea. This has been proposed quite often, but no 
one really worked
out a complete concept or even wrote a patch. I think the first stage 
would be to allow
more then one sample per layer and to define how to choose between those 
layers (random,
in parallel (your approach) or with a user-defined script. I would 
suggest to start with your first
two ideas, they would be a good start to get into hydrogen development, 
if you're interested in

Btw. if you want, you could create "enhancement" tickets on the hydrogen 
issue tracker at github.

Best regards,
> What do you guys think of these proposals?
> Aurélien
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