[LAD] LA mailing list feature request: more error (denial) feedback

Zlobin Nikita cook60020tmp at mail.ru
Thu Mar 27 15:58:39 UTC 2014

I just tried to send patch for qjackctl in uncompressed form, which itself is 
≈430Kb, and nothing appeared in archive. I'm sure, that it is due to size 

However, e.g., on gentoo proaudio mailing list it is usual to send patches and 
ebuilds uncompressed for easier review directly from mail (mailing list web ui 
and probably some mail clients even display them as part of message).

Since it is first time, when i send some materials to this list, i did as 
usually. It would be better to have some error feedback - those, trying to 
write to list without registration at least get feedback about denial.

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