[LAD] FFADO 2.2.0 has been released

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at just42.net
Sat May 31 11:04:02 UTC 2014

The FFADO project (www.ffado.org) is pleased to announce the release of
FFADO 2.2, the userspace framework supporting Firewire audio interfaces
under Linux.  While the focus of this version has been bug fixes and
improvements to existing drivers, support for some additional devices has
been added.

FFADO is brought to you thanks to the work of Daniel Wagner, Pieter Palmers,
Philippe Carriere, Adrian Knoth, Arnold Krille, Takashi Sakamoto, Jonathan
Woithe and users who have tested FFADO against their devices, provided
patches and given suggestions.

Changes and additions in FFADO 2.2:

 * Many bugs fixed

 * Mixer, router and monitor support for Saffire Pro 14

 * Mixer and router support for Presonus Firestudio Tube, Presonus Firestudio
   Project, and M-Audio Profire 2626

 * Support Echo Audio AudioFire12 with firmware versions 5.0 and later 
   (addresses ticket 360)

 * Echo Audio device mixer additions:
    - hide SPDIF mode switch on AudioFire12
    - digital interface switch on AudioFire8 and Pre8
    - phantom power switch for AudioFire4 (addresses ticket 364)
    - playback routing for AudioFire2/4 (addresses ticket 335)

 * Presonus device mixer additions:
    - better support the FP10 (formerly known as the Firepod)
    - implement support for the Firebox and Inspire1394

 * M-Audio mixer additions:
    - improve support for the Ozonic
    - add support for Firewire Solo (ticket 336), Audiophile, 410,
      1814 and ProjectMix I/O

 * Device-specific mixer for Yamaha GO44 and GO46 interfaces added

 * RME Fireface 400/800 improvements:
    - mixer and device settings can now be saved to and restored from device 
    - clock source selection made more consistent

 * DICE EAP / RME Matrix mixer enhancements:
    - "per output" view with mono/stereo control
    - saving of mixer settings to file
    - more consistent cooperation with jackd when sample rate is changed

 * Audio streaming support added or refined for additional MOTU interfaces:
    - Traveller mk 3
    - Ultralite mk 3
    - Ultralite hybrid (using firewire interface only)
    - 4pre

Known issues:

 * Saffire Pro 40 at 96 kHz fails to start most of the time (ticket 326)
 * Saffire Pro 24 and Pro 40 MIDI problems (tickets 372 and 375)
 * Saffire Pro 24 and Pro 40 lack an ADAT/SPDIF switch
 * Only mixer control is supported on M-Audio 1814 and M-Audio, ProjectMix
 * M-Audio Audiophile, 410 and 1814 require startup workaround.  See
 * M-Audio Audiophile, 410 and 1814 will only work with FFADO when loaded
   with the latest firmware

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