[LAD] LV2 Pitch bend control port (and function)

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 15:42:02 UTC 2014


When replying, please be careful to reply to the list, as well as the
person: otherwise 1/2 a conversation gets lost ;) I've included
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On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 4:13 PM, Phil CM <philcm at gnu.org> wrote:
> On 02/10/2014 14:13, Harry van Haaren wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 1:14 PM, Phil CM <philcm at gnu.org> wrote:
>>> I need a synth with a pitch control. A synth that can be controlled to
>>> produce all tones between one note and another, say from a2 to c3 in an
>>> anti-aliased way, like what you would get in pd by altering the pitch of
>>> a
>>> sine wave.
>> Hi Phil,
>> To start, welcome to LV2 programming: audio plugins are fun and complex
>> area!
> Thanks :)
>> If you haven't already, I suggest you checkout the "plugins" directory
>> in the lv2 repository. It provides the best example code you'll find,
>> and accompanying http://lv2plug.in/book/  provides detailed
>> explainations and best-practices.
> This is my bedside reading for the next days to come ; Too bad the examples
> do not include a simple synth :(
That's what I thought too, so I wrote a sin-generator a few years ago:
it apparently hasn't been included in the lv2 source yet. I'll CC
David Robillard, and see if that's an option :)


I remember now that it doesn't accept MIDI input yet: which means it
doesn't handle notes, or pitch bend. These can be added quite
trivially, and is something that I'd be willing to collaborate on?
You'd learn how to "manually" use MIDI, and we'd have a better

Please note that the GUI code is NOT something to learn from: its not
advised to use GTK for plugin UI's.
That said, the code is pretty short, and does actually work: perhaps
learn from it, and then use a more lightweight UI framework ( NTK
being my / OpenAV's favorite: http://non.tuxfamily.org/wiki/NTK )

> OK, so I'm going to get back once I managed to make a basic synth to get to
> this pitch bending special case.
Sure, good plan.

>> I do strongly advise to checkout the plugins: they are a brilliant
>> reference to make LV2 plugins.
> Again, it's really a shame that there is no sound synthesis plugin
> demonstrated... I'm going to study them all anyway.
>> Ok, that's quite a lot of info already I think!
>> LV2 specific development:
>> #lv2 on irc.freenode.net  (I'm "HarryHaaren", say Hi if/when you're on)
>> Mailing list (low-traffic):
>> http://lists.lv2plug.in/listinfo.cgi/devel-lv2plug.in
>> Cheers, -Harry
> Thanks a bunch, Harry

You're welcome. I like LV2, its the way forward: if I can help out
somewhat (apart from developing stuff myself) its also a pleasure, I
know LV2 can be a touch daunting, and a helping hand does make it a
lot easier there!

Cheers, -Harry



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