[LAD] LV2 Pitch bend control port (and function)

Phil CM philcm at gnu.org
Fri Oct 3 07:19:43 UTC 2014

On 02/10/2014 21:22, Harry van Haaren wrote:
>> A simple sine-generating synth
>> plugin with a NTK GUI would be a cool place to start, I must say.
> Good idea, I'm working on it. There's a single compile error right
> now, that has something to do with includes and LV2UI_Show_Interface
> and LV2UI_Idle_Interface (details, nevermind :)
> I'll post in this thread once its fixed, and then that's that :)
Wow, super! Is the code in a repository where I can have a look, start 
learning and hopefully participate?
> Cheers, -Harry

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