[LAD] LV2::Synth from one note to another

Phil CM philcm at gnu.org
Wed Oct 8 04:38:56 UTC 2014


I managed to make my example plugin 
<https://bitbucket.org/xaccrocheur/ksi> (based on the only LV2 synth 
tutorial <http://www.nongnu.org/ll-plugins/lv2pftci/#A_synth> that I 
could find) monophonic :)
Now the only think that is left is a portamento function, to go from one 
note to another (/exactly/ like so-404 
<http://d00m.org/%7Esomeone/so404/> does).

I guess it has to do with the

   void on(unsigned char key, unsigned char velocity) {
     m_key = key;
     m_period = m_rate * 4.0 / LV2::key2hz(m_key);
     m_envelope = velocity / 128.0;

   void off(unsigned char velocity) {
     m_key = LV2::INVALID_KEY;

functions, I need to store the "note out" value to go from that, to a 
"note in"...

Does anyone know the algorithm to implement that? That would really help me.


PS - Excuse my poor English, I'm working on it

Philippe Coatmeur
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