[LAD] [OT] Duplicate messages originating from dspam at snarchi.io

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Oct 11 17:18:39 UTC 2014

Am 11.10.2014 19:10, schrieb Len Ovens:
> On Sat, 11 Oct 2014, Philipp Überbacher wrote:
>> My proposal is to send the email just to the list as it should be.
>> It seems that the current situation is mostly Gmails fault as it sends
>> to the receiver directly and CCs the list by default. No idea whether
>> that can be changed by the user.
> We are all too lazy :)  Yes it would help if we each made sure the 
> reply is just to the list, reply all is faster and easier and allows 
> one to keep their focus on what they are saying. OTOH, taking the time 
> to change the headers also gives the mind a better chance to reread 
> the original post and rethink what we are saying. Pine puts the list 
> in CC as well.
> -- 
> Len Ovens
> www.ovenwerks.net 

I don't think that this is the reason. It happen as well when I reply 
to, or send a new mail to multiple linuxaudio lists. In that case I'm 
not in the receiver header at all. Also, keep in mind that sometimes 
people may included in the receiver header, which may not members of the 
list, but keep informed about the discussion.

Also, this is a new issue which I experience first time at 02.10.2014

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