[LAD] How can an LV2 plugin UI get the value of a control port from the plugin?

Philippe Coatmeur philcm at gnu.org
Fri Oct 17 14:55:57 UTC 2014

See, I know the value of each control port this way:

static void port_event(LV2UI_Handle ui,
                uint32_t port_index,
                uint32_t buffer_size,
                uint32_t format,
                const void * buffer)
     KisGUI *self = (KisGUI *) ui;

     if (port_index == 3)
       cout << "Volume is " << (*static_cast<const float*>(buffer)) << 
"  Format is " << format << endl;

     cout << "Port event on index " << port_index << "  Format is " << 
format << endl;


It's call at session opening, so that would already solve the problem at 
/that/ time.
But how can I access the UI widget to pass it the value?

The problem is to find documentation on NTK... All plugin sources that I 
can find use Qt or GTK...
But either way, I need to uderstad te logic of it : How does the UI 
*read* values?

On 17/10/14 13:30, Phil CM wrote:
> When I turn the controls in my UI, the controls move in the hosts 
> generic UI ;
> But when I turn the controls in the hosts generic UI, nothing moves in 
> the UI.
> Also each time the UI is opened, the widgets are reset at maximum (not 
> the values).
> How can I /get/ the control ports values from the UI perspective?
> --Phil
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