[LAD] Fwd: Re: How can an LV2 plugin UI get the value of a control port from the plugin?

Philippe Coatmeur philcm at gnu.org
Mon Oct 20 11:26:43 UTC 2014

Hello Harry;

On 20/10/14 09:07, Harry van Haaren wrote:
> Most NTK widgets that have a "value" like a slider or a dial, derive 
> from a base class that implements value() and value( float );
> What this means for a widget, is that in order to change the value of 
> a widget called "wid", we do this:
> wid->value( 0.0f ); // sets widget value to 0
Oh, I get that, believe me. The info I need is around that ; I wish your 
sentence had started earlier, like so "in port_event(), given /this/ 
class declared like /this/ and an objet wid instantiated like /this/, we 
do this (...)"

 From my port_event() I point to my UI object via the LV2UIHandle. this 
object is a NTK widget (or so I hope, read on). So if I get a:

error: ‘class KisWidget’ has no member named ‘value’ (it's pretty explicit)

It means the class KisWidget has no member named "value" I guess we can 
agree on that ;)

It must be that I did not declare my Widget class as a proper NTK 
widget. The declaration is at line 25 in this file 
The instantiation of the widgets (a FL_Dial and 5 FL_Slider) is at line 
96 in this file 

Now for the direct questions:

  * Is it a proper NTK widget class declaration, that would expose a
    value() method?
  * Are those proper NTK widget class instances?

Thanks for your patience

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