[LAD] Software sound

W.Boeke w.boeke at upcmail.nl
Mon Sep 1 08:35:25 UTC 2014

So it goes like this:

The OP starts an interesting topic and illustrates this with a small example. Then reactions appear where the example is critisized and the main topic ignored. Other reactions give interesting 
solutions to problems that were not mentioned at all. A little sadder and wiser again.

Fons, yet a final question about your Moog filter. First about complexity. Looking at the source code in Ladspa_Moogvcf1 I see 24 multiplications and divisions per sample. With e.g. 10 voices and 2 
times oversampling this will form a heavy load for the CPU. A classic Chamberlin 4th order filter contains 6 multiplications, and doesn't need oversampling. So an interesting question might be: do you 
hear a difference between a Moog- and a Chamberlin filter? And if the answer is yes, then isn't there a simpler way to reach the desired result? From the literature I learned that distorsion 
characteristics inside a filter are the main contribution to the perceived sound.

Wouter Boeke

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