[LAD] Digital Effects

Federico Galland federicogalland at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 13:35:37 UTC 2014

> For Vocals, the reverb is distracting and stops me from concentrating on 
> micromanaging my voice (which is not great to start with and could use 
> all the help it can get).

It probably also thickens the timbre of your voice as an appropiate room acoustics would do, wouldn't it?

>For particularly challenging material a double 
> Scotch helps too, reinforcing the distracting aspect of the reverb.


> For my instrument parts reverb or echo multiplies the tiniest of 
> mistakes and therefore I concentrate a lot harder on not making them, 
> leaving the actual playing to motor memory. My motor memory plays a lot 
> better than my conscious process.

Tuning time domain effects to the tempo of the song has a huge impact for me too. It really reinforces the rhythm for me (I've agreed on this with many friends).

I plass the bass guitar, and my instrument is quite crappy, but I always peak compress it, even for studying. A long attack time (circa 100ms) and a somewhat longer release (circa 250ms) lets the onset of the plucking go through (saturating my speaker just a little bit) before compressing the whole thing, making the sound thicker. If I need to go for a fast part, I lower the release time a bit.
I feel I improved my playing a lot since I started doing this. It also helps when playing with drummers who play loud.

A side effect on this is that your ears and brain get tired quicker of the drowning bass sound.

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