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Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 07:54:52 UTC 2014

Hi Len,

This concerns me greatly so I thought I'd just comment.

2014-09-10 0:57 GMT+02:00 Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net>:

> So some background thinking:
> - The idea is to replace FW audio interfaces with something at least as
> good, maybe better.

Good stuff!

> - Really low latency available (even if a lot of uses don't need it)
> - Really stable operation. On a desktop/rack computer where the user has
> access to a PCIe slot, it is obvous that a second NIC would be the best
> solution. Laptops should work too.
> - Normal network traffic will make it through this mess without ever
> disturbing the audio. A laptop may be used with only one NIC and still need
> to access network traffic.

If it complicates stuff I would be all for removing this requirement,
instead have a dedicated NIC. Laptops have wireless and potentially
having an additional NIC in a desktop should be low cost.

> All control will be MIDI-able. Because there is two NICs and one of them
> expects to do real IP based networking, OSC is possible as well as web based
> control. IN the end this is also a general computer running Linux that can
> be SSHed into (even ssh -Y) almost anything is possible... but I would guess
> the first box that has a real DIY digital CODEC, S/pdif, ADAT or MADI IF
> will be pretty basic.... but looking at the R-Pi, basic seems to be pretty
> powerful anymore.

I see, so the "box" will be a dedicated computer. There would need to
be some custom hardware to wire in AD/DA?

> Price point? Concidering ethernet switches, USB AUdio devices, Ethernet
> storage controllers, set top... I hesitate to call them boxes some of them
> are so small? Even development boards look ok. I don't think It would be
> worth while to make a two i/o box, but by the time we hit 8 or so it begins
> to look good.

8 or more is where it starts to get interesting, below that I think
USB suffices.

I'm guessing this is early days for this project, is there anything
you know you want help with?


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