[LAD] QMidiArp-0.6.1 maintenance release

Frank Kober goemusic at yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 24 19:12:47 UTC 2014

Here is a new qmidiarp release, some small things take some days more than 9 
months, don't they? 
Along with a couple of (important) bugfixes and changes mainly regarding the 
QMidiArp LV2 plugin suite, 0.6.1 comes with only one new feature: the Arp can 
now step up and down octaves after a chord has been arped through, nothing 
more than what you would expect from an Arp right? Although this is something 
that was already partly possible by constructing a rather long pattern, it is 
now simply selectable from combo boxes.

The LV2 plugins should now work fine in Ardour, Qtractor and Carla (1 and 
upcoming 2) including transport synchronisation and preset storage.

Qt5 build is supported via configure option, but not recommended at the moment 
since the LV2 user interfaces wouldn't work in non Qt5 hosts, so basically 

Thanks go to the reliable translators and to the bug reporters, but also to 
Rui and Filipe for making their plugin hosts better and better.


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