[LAD] Call for testing: new ALSA driver for Digi 002/003 family

Takashi Sakamoto o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
Wed Apr 1 22:41:02 UTC 2015

Hi all,

This is a call-for-testing of my new ALSA driver for Digidesign 002/003
family. If you have these devices, would you please test the driver with
your devices and report your experience about it.

Especially, I want you to test MIDI port for machine control, because
developers have no 'console' models, just tested with 'rack' models.

When installing and testing, please follow this instructions:

Patchset was already posted to alsa-devel and confirmed to
playback/capture PCM samples/MIDI messages by ALSA applications.

[alsa-devel] [RFC v2][PATCH 00/11] digi00x: new driver for Digidesign
002/003 family

Several issues are still remained:
 * The port for MIDI machine control message is not tested yet, because
002/003 console model are required.
 * When allocates 2 or more channel numbers for the device, after 15 to
20 seconds from playbacking, any PCM samples causes noisy sound. Then,
all of LED on the front panel light. The streaming still continues
 * The actual effects of external clock source is not clear. When set
the clock source is somewhat external, even if stopping the clock
source, the device continues to sound PCM samples against my expectation.
 * The meaning of asynchronous messages is unknown. This patchset adds a
functionality to receive it in userspace. You can test it with updated
libhinawa sample script.

In my plan, this patchset will proposed for Linux 4.2. But these issues
need to be clear till the merge-window.


Takashi Sakamoto

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