[LAD] Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer aka GSequencer now on GitHub

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Fri Apr 3 18:13:15 UTC 2015

Am 03.04.2015 um 19:59 schrieb Fons Adriaensen:
> On Fri, Apr 03, 2015 at 03:05:56AM +0000, Joël Krähemann wrote:
>> I don't want to do JACK, since it is believed to be somehow the Qt thing.
> Where do you get that sort of nonsense ?
Fons, like ever, polite and friendly in his posts. :-)

Maybe this impression results from, that Qjackctl is the most known 
interface to jack,
but, Joël, jack itself is completely (GUI)toolkit independent.


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