[LAD] Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer aka GSequencer now on GitHub

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Apr 4 03:01:03 UTC 2015

On Fri, 3 Apr 2015, Gordonjcp wrote:

> I can't help but think that if you're doing something that requires 
> sample-accurate sysex messages, you're doing something a bit strange and 
> wrong :-D

Even RPN/NRPNs start to wander from sample accurate.... Both are 
effectively single events that are sent as 4 events (12 bytes to send 4 
bytes of info) A minimal sysex would be 7 bytes for the same task or 9 
bytes with extended ID. This is assuming the first byte (of the four data 
bytes) can also tell the receiver what kind of data is coming. Of course 
the (N)RPN could be sent as 9 bytes too using running status.

In Jack's case the (N)RPN is still 4 events while the sysex is one.

Note: this page:
Suggests "best practice" for (n)rpn use includes nulling the parameter 
number with yet another two events, for 18 bytes or 13 with running 

Len Ovens

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