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Nils Gey ich at nilsgey.de
Tue Apr 21 14:54:56 UTC 2015

Hello Berlin User Group! Hello Bruno, Hello Sam,

that is very good to hear! On behalf of the "Open Source Audio Meeting
Cologne" I wish you luck.
We exist for a year now and our regular meetings are 4 to 10 people.

Maybe you find these information useful:

Most important first:
- Keep it social. There is no topic and no information which people just
simply couldn't look up on the internet, if they are really interested.
The point of such an event is to meet real humans.

- There is a small website. Everything on one page. I asked
linuxaudio.org for a subdomain. http://cologne.linuxaudio.org/
- Additionaly there is an Etherpad for protocols and where people can
announce if they plan to come
- We started with a meeting every two month and then upgraded to monthly
- There is regular content and a slot for announced or improvised talks
or presentations. See here http://yourpart.eu/p/linuxaudio-cologne
- Even with no planned program it is no problem to spend your time with
question and answer sessions.
- There is a small mailing list for internal stuff. Currently, since
I've written the ML-software myself, you have to register in person.
Facebook and other stuff is mainly an extended calender and declared as
such. So there is really only the website as central space for information.

Keep Rockin'!


On 04/21/2015 03:07 PM, Bruno Gola wrote:
> Hello!
> There were lot's of Berliners at LAC 2015 and after talking to some of
> them we thought it would be nice to start a linux audio user group
> here in Berlin.
> This is an open call to all Berlin based Linux Audio users and
> developers! Let's meet, talk and share knowledge :)
> So far we have a mailing list[1] and an empty twitter account[2]
> (thanks to Sam :))
> Our first meeting will probably be held at C-Base in the next weeks. 
> We have no agenda yet, everyone is welcome, but me and Sam are more
> focused on electronic music stuff.
> Any suggestions on the date?
> [1] (as soon as the DNS starts working properly we send you the link
> to subscribe)
> [2] http://twitter.com/LAudioBerlin
> Cheers!
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