[LAD] User eXperience in Linux Audio

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Apr 22 12:43:11 UTC 2015

On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 6:05 AM, Louigi Verona <louigi.verona at gmail.com>

> Linux Audio packages are plagued by reasons that are relevant to the
> developer, but which should be irrelevant to the user.
> I don't care if dev thinks knobs are a bad idea, I want a knob and not a
> text field, because it is easier to use on stage.
> I don't care if dev has a technical reason to have a text field instead of
> a knob. I need a knob, because it is easier to use on stage.

Just one little note here. Back in 2001, I read an article in the US
Keyboard magazine that made a strong case for stopping the use of
skuomorphic GUIs (knobs etc) for a variety of reasons. It wasn't written by
a software developer, but a musician. He was bemoaning how limited GUIs for
audio software were because of their attempt to present things that look
like hardware controls.

So mileage may vary here. There are users with very different workflows,
ideas, needs and backgrounds, and some of them don't want knobs. They could
of course be a tiny minority and developers might be better off ignoring
them. But it isn't true that "text fields => developer centric", "knobs =>
user centric".
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