[LAD] User eXperience in Linux Audio

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Wed Apr 22 12:54:54 UTC 2015

I would like to comment on two things in your list:

Am 19.04.2015 um 00:40 schrieb Harry van Haaren:
> 1: Splash Screen

I would rephrase that to: show something as quickly as possible. If you
need to load stuff, do it in the background, but show the main GUI
window already (possibly with a loading progress meter in the status bar
or similar?).

This gives the user the opportunity to load a different preset or close
the app/plugin again as quickly as possible.

Speaking of:

> 2: Presets

Going a step further than the usual preset selection drop-down boxes:
having a dedicated preset browser can be very nice. This can be
integrated into the main gui view or replace it on a button click or
open in new non-model window (not ideal IMHO).

The u-he plugins (e.g. TyrellN6) give a good example of this.


Having such a browser gives the opportunity to attach and show meta info
on the presets, such as author, description, tags etc. and use them to
organize and find presets easier.

Also, please make the presets switchable via a keyboard shortcut, via
the plugin host and via MIDI program changes (the latter esp. if it is a
standalone program)!


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