[LAD] LAC2015 Aftermath: The LAC2014 Percussion Combo Kit now available

Frank Neumann beachnase at web.de
Wed Apr 22 19:31:38 UTC 2015

[The posting to LAA is awaiting moderator approval for 2 days, so I take the
liberty of cross-posting]


during LAC2015 in Mainz last week, I gave a lightning talk on what I called
"The LAC2014 Percussion Combo". It was a presentation about a little field
recording session conducted one year earlier, during LAC2014 in Karlsruhe,
and what I made out of it.

The data is now finally online, including the actual sample library kit 
(individual wav files) with a mapping file for Hydrogen, a tiny demo
pattern, and a demo song called "That's LAC" that came to life "out of nowhere" -
well, I guess I'll simply call it my first Linux Audio "release" ever :-).

Read all about it here: http://linuxaudio.de/wp/?p=158

Thanks go out to the individual artists whose performance I had the honour
to record: Marc Groenewegen, Pjotr Lasschuit, Nils Gey, Bernard Tressol, 
Michael Seeber, Stefano Pedrinazzi, Marie-Kristin Meier, and Fernando Lopez-Lezcano.


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