[LAD] GuitarSynth

Gerald gerald.mwangi at gmx.de
Tue Apr 28 15:10:55 UTC 2015

Hi Ralf,
this works pretty good with my lowpass->rectify->aubio pitch detection.
What I want to work on (once GuitarSynth is ported to DPF) is a
source-filter analysis (see U Zölzer: DAFX) to extract the spectral
envelope (timbre) of the guitar. As Zölzer putts it, it is then possible
to obtain a neutral frequency analysis, that just the tones/frequencies
without their attenuation due to playing technique. This is done simply
by dividing the FFT'd input signal by the envelope.
I think that should be done before the pitch detection. And anyway I
want to convolve/multiply the envelope with the synths (as an option in
the GUI). Then GuitarSynth will really be a guitar synth ;)

On 28.04.2015 15:58, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> A simple example, without or even with compressor, play
> g string - fret 3 and slide to fret 5, hold the tone
> d string - fret 3 and slide to fret 5, hammer on and pull off fret 7

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