[LAD] Advice wanted - a project to upgrade seq24

oli_kester oli_kester at zoho.com
Wed Dec 9 20:17:23 UTC 2015

Hi Seq24 developers, 

For my final year university project, I am taking on an overhaul of seq24. Below is an excerpt from my project proposal - the list of features I would like to implement - 


<< Basic (simple changes that should be quick to address) >>
- Swap default on midi autoconnect to second value (add to config file)
- Song / loop mode switch in main UI 
- Recent files list 
- Move config file to .config folder in /home
- Label keys correctly on loops past bank 1
<< Medium (bug fixes, smaller new features) >>
- Don't take scene change inputs when renaming loops
- With dual screens, remember window placement
- Darken Song mode (overall dark theme like Ardour?) 
- Fix glitch with overlaps in loops
- Session manager fixes
- Toggle loops in song mode
- Click time bar to position transport
- Draw and re-position snap in song mode should behave identically
- Add one shot loops
- Decrease size of grid in song mode
- Add name of scene to the side when in song view
- Add autosave function
- Midi send if halfway through note (can be enabled / disabled in     preferences)
- Draw whole notes instead of cutting off early in song mode loops
- Add configurable defaults for note length/ grid snap      
- Add note stop/panic button 
- Loop colouring
- Fix bug where certain slots cannot contain loops

<< Challenging (significant new features) >>
- Add Box select in song editor (REAPER style) 
- Add redo in song mode
- Add Record in song mode
- Allow splitting of song loops at mouse pointer
- Zoom in song mode
- Window title should just have the song name
- Fix jack sync bug/reset button
- Relative velocity altering (REAPER style)      
- Add a double / half timing switch for live performance
Where I note “REAPER style”, I plan to source inspiration from the REAPER audio workstation I use under Windows (http://reaper.fm/). The “Ardour” I mention is a Linux audio workstation, and probably the most significant audio project on Linux (http://ardour.org/). 

[end quote]

What do you all think? I have a decent amount of programming experience, but little in the field of audio and no knowledge of GTK+. My tutor suggested that it might be necessary to drop Windows support to make this feasible in the three months I'll be working on it - might this be true?

What is the state of the Launchpad repo? This project will be open source too and I'll happily have my changes pulled back into the main seq24 codebase if people are happy with them.

It'll also be great to have a few people test it during development. I'll send a separate email out to users too.

@Chris Ahlstrom - I'm aware of your current Sequencer64 project, and might use it as my codebase instead of seq24 - please get in touch. Building it as I type!

Any advice greatly appreciated, 



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