[LAD] a LAD survey (I need you !)

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Thu Feb 5 21:54:48 UTC 2015

Hello guys,

I've followed this community for a while now and this is my contribution 
: a survey about LAD.

*Why ?*
I've made this survey to get a snapshot of what LAD community is, and to 
help understand how it works. This community has always worked in an 
informal way with ups and downs, and I thought it would be really useful 
to look at it with objectivity.

*Who ?*
It is open to any contributors of any Linux Audio Sofwares.

*Who/What's for**?*
This study aims to stay within LAD community and to provide very 
practical information. It does not intend to be part of a essay or any 
academic work. Actually its only purpose will be to provide a solid 
ground for further discussion about LAD's future. I've already started 
to gather qualitative data (as some of you know) an, while you answer 
this, I'll collect some more data about the projects themselves. Once 
all put together, we should get a very precise overview of what this 
community actually is.

*How ?*
*The survey itself takes around 30minuts to complete and they will be 
anonymized *before any publication (if you wonder why I ask for your 
name : it's to help me to build a projects-interactions graph as well as 
few other things).

*When ?*
Hopefully, I hope to get most answers within 2 or 3 months. After that 
it'll take a couple of weeks to analyze the data and write something 
about them. I'll keep you informed.
*Where ?*
*Here's the link : *

I've made my best to think about the most relevant questions and 
possible answers, but if you thinks something is missing, wrong or 
whatever please contact me

Thanks in advance,

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