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On Feb 28, 2015, at 16:29 22, Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:

> OSC is good because it is wide open... and bad because it is wide open. No two applications seem to use OSC commands that are the same as another. 

Right.  It’s the ‘mechanism, but no policy’ conundrum all over again.

I have no particular beef against OSC or OCA.  However, there is already a small multitude of AoIP control protocols out there (Dante, JetNet, LiveWire, Q-Lan, WheatNet, …).  I don’t think that adding Yet Another Incompatible Protocol is fundamentally going to improve this situation.  What would be far more helpful would be a decent FOSS library for supporting one of the quasi-dominant AoIP systems; something that could help push that system over the top to make it the defacto industry standard.  Today, in the pro audio/broadcasting space, there are really only two realistic contenders for this role: LiveWire or Ravenna.  Pick one.


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