[LAD] minos-one_v1.1

Joël Krähemann weedlight at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 01:36:32 UTC 2015

Hello everybody, please take a look at

It targets mainly users interested in gobject and gtk+ based applications.

minos-one starts as default within openbox and proper systemd usage.

It should be entirely based on Free Software, please report inappropriate

Since threads aren't really reliable in `ags` me has some difficulties to
get a screencast because system freezes and no input possible, but take a
look at my google+ page of Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer

   - Linux 3.14.25-rt22
   - Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer 0.4.2-21
   - Swami
   - fluidsynth
   - ffmpeg
   - mplayer
   - wine-64
   - dssi-vst
   - bristol
   - jackd
   - ...
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