[LAD] ladspa: what does LADSPA_PROPERTY_REALTIME mean?

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Sun Sep 13 08:28:57 UTC 2015

[David Robillard]
>I believe #1 is the intent.  The hint serves to distinguish plugins that
>have some dependency on real time, from those that do not (only
>processing their input).  The latter can be used in a more functional
>way, being called to process a block whenever, where the actual time run
>is called is irrelevant.  The hint being set essentially means "if the
>plugin is activated, run() must be called regularly at a rate roughly
>corresponding to the passage of real time"
>Th[e] comment says "plugin has a real-time dependency (e.g. listens to a
>MIDI device)" which seems pretty clear.  Explanation #2, while perhaps a
>useful thing in some circumstances, really does not follow from the
>hint's definition.

"This", as it is so succinctly put nowadays.

(I seem to remember Steve Harris telling me he'd asked for the
inclusion of this flag but would later find it ill-conceived and of no
practical use.  Could be wrong though, mists of time and all that.  In
any event, ignoring the flag altogether seems to be the most pragmatic

Cheers, Tim

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