[LAD] Instant DPF effect plugins

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Sat Apr 2 21:53:11 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I have created a template to set up a DISTRHO Plugin Framework effect
plugin project quickly using the (Python) tool cookiecutter.


When you have installed cookiecutter, you create a new project with:

    cookiecutter https://github.com/SpotlightKid/cookiecutter-dpf-effect

A directory named after the value you gave for repo_name (e.g.
"simplegain") will be created and initialized as a git repository and
DPF added as a git submodule.

Enter the directory and run make:

    cd <repo_name>

The template compiles a simple gain plugin. Change the implementation in
plugins/<plugin_name>/Plugin<plugin_name>.cpp as needed.

Share & Enjoy!


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