[LAD] LAC is dead! Long live miniLAC!

David Runge dave at sleepmap.de
Wed Feb 3 20:04:51 UTC 2016

Hello Linux Audio Community!

This is the announcement you have been waiting for.

We've come to the conclusion that doing a full LAC at the announced date is
impossible, as our sponsoring setup didn't work out, therefore we have decided
to go ahead with a miniLAC instead.

Since we have already planned a lot of stuff, we thought it would be a shame to
let all the work go to waste, so we asked a few people whether they'd be
interested in a more compact and reduced conference program.

What we can currently offer with the resources available are:
  * a lecture track
  * workshop tracks (one of which will use the c-base soundlab)
  * live audio sessions
  * hacking sessions
  * tours around interesting berlin places
  * linux audio nights

This  miniature version of a Linux Audio Conference is still planned to take
place during the (kind of) announced date: 8.-10. April 2016.  The location is
now set:
	c-base, the spacestation below Berlin Mitte (http://c-base.org)

Our plan is to start off on Friday with a meet-and-greet evening at c-base,
where we will have an open stage for anyone who wants to connect their devices.

Since we don't have the originally intended resources, we will have to limit
attendance to around 150 participants.

Additionally, if there is interest for this (especially for people arriving
earlier), we'll try to organize optional visits to other Berlin locations on
Friday 8. April.

Please create an account on our wiki, to be able to set things up with us:
http://frab.linuxaudio.org (will later move on to
The wiki is still a work in progress, but should feature all necessary
information by the end of the week.

To satisfy your academic paper skills, we intend to support another crew that
could organize a second conference part at the FrosCon 2016
(http://www.froscon.de/), which is happening in Bonn 20th and 21st of August.
Here is a link to our issue concerning this topic on Github:

We hope to see you at the miniLAC16!

miniLAC16 Orga team

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