[LAD] .NET/Mono bindings for libjack

Thomas Mayer thomas at residuum.org
Fri Feb 19 01:19:50 UTC 2016


I have started developing JackSharp, a .NET/Mono binding for libjack. It
has been tested on Windows 8.1 and Debian GNU/Linux sid amd64 and i386,
but should work on other platforms as well.


Not every API call is implemented yet, especially the transport API has
not been used, currently there are two main client classes:

Client: Use this to create a client with audio and MIDI ports and add a
function to the process event.

Controller: class for managing port connections. If you want to build a
replacement for QJackCtl et al, then use this.

This repository also contains a wrapper for NAudio.

Of course, this has not been tested or used in real software, so this is
still pre-alpha. And I am willing to change the API, as well as take
pull requests.

Thanks for looking into the code and using it,
"When one's home has a really excellent computer capable of reaching
other computers anywhere in the Galaxy, one scarcely needs to budge."
(Janov Pelorat in: Isaac Asimov - Foundation's Edge)

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