[LAD] Realtime inter-thread communication

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 20:05:54 UTC 2016

On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 7:52 PM, Spencer Jackson <ssjackson71 at gmail.com>
> > The generic solution for cases like this is a lock-free ringbuffer.
> I've also used the jack ringbuffer for this and it was easy enough.

Simple tutorial on using JACK ringbuffer and C++ event class here:

> >> But to be honest I've found this API to be a bit intimidating and I'm
> >> not familiar with any LV2 host that would allow me to test such a
> >> plugin. Any recommendations? Ardour?
> >
> > jalv, Carla, QTractor, Ardour..

+1 for Jalv, very fast turnover time, and LV2 implementation
by the lead LV2 developer: I concider it the reference implementation :)

> > A LV2 simple synth example can be found at
> I like jalv for debugging because its quite simple and quick to load.
> I can run it with gdb and valgrind/callgrind without any trouble. I've
> found it important to test in other hosts too though but only once its
> working in jalv.

+1 again

> FWIW I hope you do make an LV2 plugin version as I rarely use
> standalone synths these days.

+1, and LV2 is supported by MOD (hardware platform that runs LV2):
http://moddevices.com/ and https://vimeo.com/92739423

> If you have any questions about my code I've linked you are welcome to
> ask. Also, LV2 has a ML and IRC channel and I'll be happy to offer any
> advice or support there that I can too.


Cheers, -Harry


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