[LAD] cpu spikes

Joakim Hernberg jhernberg at alchemy.lu
Sun Jan 31 14:26:16 UTC 2016

On Thu, 28 Jan 2016 07:37:47 -0600
"Jonathan E. Brickman" <jeb at ponderworthy.com> wrote:

> First of all, for the record, anyone who equates firsthand
> experiences with snakeoil, shall find their words completely ignored
> by yours truly :-)

It's not my intention to denigrate your experience, but my own
experience shows that the only way to get xrun free audio using JACK is
to follow my previous advice.  There are many causes for xruns, but
IMO/IME using a lowlat kernel simply won't provide xrun free audio...
This conclusion seems to be corroborated by cyclictest results...

Personally I attend to what I outlined previously, and I use a full KDE
environment with opengl compositing enabled on an Intel GPU.  I don't
have to disable cron or anything else, and I have let most of the
Internet lore just fall by the wayside, as it IME seems to be if not
snake oil, then at least not applicable to my system.

Of course YMMW ;)



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