[LAD] [LAU] That is QMidiArp-0.6.4 of course....sorry

Yassin Philip philcm at gnu.org
Tue Nov 1 16:31:24 UTC 2016

Now featured 
<http://libremusicproduction.com/news/20161101-qmidiarp-064-out> on LMP. 
And BTW thanks. If I'm not mistaken, this is the only arpeggiator 
/plugin/ available on Linux. I use it a lot, it's a JOY.


On 01/11/2016 16:15, Frank Kober wrote:
> This is a one-year maintenance release of qmidiarp. A few new little features
> have sneaked in and a few bugs have been fixed, both thanks to people filing
> tickets!
> Nothing else to say, except that the detailed changes are right below ;)
> Check it out, have fun!
> Best
> Frank
> ---------------
> qmidiarp-0.6.4 (2016-11-01)
> Improvements
> o All Modules now have the Note Filter already present in the Arps.
> Also, the note range entries can now be set by MIDI learn
> o Arp: The octave mode is now defined by independent upper/lower bounds
> (feature request #12 by ssj71)
> o LFO: New waveform flip button (feature request #11 by MilkMiruku)
> o Seq: The output MIDI channel is now a MIDI controllable item. This
> allows for instance an LFO to control the Seq MIDI channels for
> dispatching sounds within a sequence (feature request #13 by Menno)
> Fixed Bugs
> o LFO: Offset slider didn't follow drawing and led to jumps on
> first use
> o LFO: Waveform type switched to custom when muting points (bug #16
> reported by MilkMiruku)
> o Arp: When using Global Storage "Restore", the restore step was
> incorrect
> -----
> QMidiArp is a MIDI arpeggiator, phrase generator and controller LFO for JACK
> and ALSA. It can run multiple synchronized arpeggiators, LFOs and step
> sequencers. The modules are also available as LV2 plugins with Qt user
> interface. All in all it is a handy live tool.
> Website with Documentation:
> http://qmidiarp.sourceforge.net/
> Download
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/qmidiarp/files/qmidiarp/0.6.4/qmidiarp-0.6.4.tar.bz2/download
> Git repos
> http://git.code.sf.net/p/qmidiarp/code
> https://github.com/emuse/qmidiarp
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