[LAD] Will I can get the configuration I need...?

Mario Sottile mariomey at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 22:03:19 UTC 2016

I add a probable probabilitiy in which I thought:

- Using Gstreamer to encode audio and put in a IP address, using 
GStreamer Jack plugin. Maybe, with audio encoding, I use less bandwith 
and maybe there are less audio glitches.

Anyone knows something about this? I'll write in Gstreamer mail list, too.

El 12/09/16 a las 18:07, Paul Davis escribió:
> for wifi, this question cannot be answered deterministically. the same 
> hardware+software environment or at a different time of day may yield 
> different results. there are situations where it could work for some 
> period of time, but relying on that would be foolhardy.

Yes... some months ago I researched about wifi net stability to 
send/receive OSC messages and read about it... about its unstability. 
And I am talking about OSC messages only :-(.

El 12/09/16 a las 17:58, Mario Sottile escribió:
> For some days, I'm testing some ways to send/receive audio to/from two 
> computers connected with WiFi to a router. I use Jack in both machines 
> and I need to use WiFi, no wires, because of a necessarily comfort issue.
>       What I tested:
> - netsend~/netreceive~ from http://www.nullmedium.de/dev/netsend~/. It 
> works, but it makes a lot of click/pops: unacceptable.
> - I compiled zita-njbridge and, finally, I made it work: also 
> unaceptable because of similar noises and silences.
>       What I didn't test yet:
> - netsend~/netreceive~ from http://www.remu.fr/sound-delta/netsend~/, 
> because it is not compiled for Linux and I don't know how to do it.
> - I tried to use jack.trip but, because an error, I should compile 1.1 
> version. I didn't do it, because I have to install Qt5. I'm afraid of 
> doing a mess...
> - NetJack1: I like the idea of compressing audio, but I don't like the 
> master-slave design because I have to use both soundcards speakers and 
> microphones.
> - NetJack2: also it has master-slave system. I don't know if I will 
> can make the configuration I need.
> Also, I have to send from one computer to the other, a screencast (I 
> would use VNC or "X over SSH", I have to test them). It doesn't matter 
> if it is not perfect, it is only for monitoring.
> Now, the question: *Will I can get what I need? Will I can send audio 
> to/from both computers with no clicks/pops/silences and also send 
> video from one to another?
> *If the answer is "NO", I'm ending right here my research.
> Thanks in advance.

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