[LAD] QTractor: QThreads: Not realtime on Linux without root?

Felipe Ferreri Tonello eu at felipetonello.com
Tue Jan 3 18:31:03 UTC 2017

Hi Tim,

On 26/12/16 00:58, termtech wrote:
> Hi list. Hope Rui gets this...
> I have a puzzling technical question, involving QTractor.
> I have been looking very closely at how Qt's class QThread works.
> Actually, it doesn't. On Linux. As a normal user.
> A long investigation into its source code and ultimately some test programs,
>  shows that on Linux it ignores what priority you attempt to start it with,
>  if running with normal user privileges. 

Yes, this is expected. See below.

> In Qt's qtbase/src/corelib/thread/qthread_unix.cpp:
> void QThread::start(Priority priority)
> {
> ...
>     pthread_attr_t attr;
>     pthread_attr_init(&attr);
> ...
> }
> This code in Qt shows it initializes with default attributes which have
>  scheduling 'other' and thus the range of priority levels is ZERO and thus
>  QThread is lying about being at QThread::TimeCriticalPriority for example -
>  it is NOT, it stored your requested level but did not actually set it.
> I just finished examining the following programs using 'htop' plus a
>  custom program to ask what each's scheduling policy is, 
>  using pthread_attr_getschedpolicy():
> (With Jack running realtime etc. etc...)
> a) MusE : Two threads running FIFO policy (policy = '1'). Good, expected. 
>     MusE directly uses pthreads, and set policies and levels.
>     I assume since I'm in the audio group with good rt limits, 
>      some help is going on, 'cause I ain't runnin' as root.
> b) QTractor : NO threads running FIFO (all policies = '0'). Bad? Unexpected?
>     QTractor uses a few different QThreads with various priority settings     
>      including one requesting TimeCriticalPriority. Seem's it's not happening?
> c) Qt5Creator test program using QThread set to TimeCriticalPriority: Bad - 
>      thread has policy = '0'.
> The Mixxx project found the exact same thing:
> https://www.mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/performance_improvements
> "RJ discovered that Mixxx's requests for real-time priority on this thread are 
>  having no effect. Running as a regular user on Linux shows that the priority 
>  range is from 0 to 0, and as root from 1 to 99, but it is set to 1 (the 
>  lowest) by default. However, calling 
>  setPriority(QThread::TimeCriticalPriority) (while running as root) 
>  does result in priority escalation. "
> A further look at the ticket shows they had to go with pthreads directly.
> What are your thoughts on this? Am I doing something wrong?
> Is QTractor really running realtime or not?
> After seeing the source and fooling with this, I'm disliking QThread.
> Before creating a QThread, I tried to elevate using seteuid, setegid 
>  and so on, and tried elevating to group 'audio'. 
> Permissions denied, of course.

This is not a Qt problem - it is a user permission problem.

If sched_setscheduler() returns -1, check if errno is set to EPERM. In
this case the user trying to perform this operation does not have
CAP_SYS_NICE[1] capability, which is *required*.

[1] http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man7/capabilities.7.html

If you want this type of feature, set CAP_SYS_NICE to the group audio
that you are referring.

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