[LAD] Does some proaudo stuff uses raw linux devices?

Nikita Zlobin cook60020tmp at mail.ru
Mon Jun 12 23:27:51 UTC 2017

Hello all.

While configuring kernel, i stucked on option CONFIG_RAW_DRIVER, which
enables /dev/raw device section.

I suppose, things like linuxsampler or others, hardly working with
storage, might utilize this access way for most direct access to
samples. Or even in audio recording (only nearly imaginations).
Is it so really?

While searching in internet to learn about its real status, i got 2
- When raw device is mapped to some hda/sda dev, allowing to use it
  even bypassing disk's internal cache.
- Yet i found proposal to remove raw devices support, argumented as
  these devices have no notable use.
(but that discussion is sooo old...)

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