[LAD] Linux Support for Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Generation

Peter list at schmitteckert.com
Thu Jun 22 06:17:55 UTC 2017

Dear Ralf and Lloyd,

Am 22.06.2017 um 05:45 schrieb Ralf Mardorf:

 >> all digital and analog outs worked without issues. I don't remember if
 > all inputs work as well. IIRC all inputs also did their job, however, I
I recorded a rehearsal with 8 mics for several hours with ardour & jackd without
any problem.

 > I didn't test useless sample rates, so I don't know if other sample
 > rates work as well. The mixer doesn't work, since it's used in class
 > compliant mode. We know this before we buy the device, so actually I
 > don't need the mixer. For hardware monitoring I would use a mixing
 > console, let alone that latency is very low, so even software monitoring
 > might be possible.

I'm aware of your opinion, that the higher sampling rates are useless.
However I disagree, not every application of an audio-interface deals
with music recording. There's lots of fun stuff one can do, e.g. creating
patterns on a water surface, using the device as a multi-channel oscilloscope, ...,
(or trying to proof to your friends that it doesn't make a difference for music recording :) ).

And the hardware monitors are nice if your recording during a rehearsal weekend
and you want to be able to disconnect your laptop, still allowing rehearsal
without having to change the wiring. I agree, that it's not necessary, however
it is convenient in that situation. Latency is low enough to allow for software monitoring.

 > The only drawback of the Focusrite IMO is the sound quality. It can't
 > compare to professional audio devices,

For me it's sufficient, however, if I'm going to extend my hardware I won't go with Focusrite,
at the current level of support. In one of these post-sale polls I noted that I can't recommend
it for Linux  users and the response was simply that it's my fault, as the web page clearly says, that
they are not supporting Linux. They don't want me as a customer, no problem for me.

Best regards,

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