[LAD] Help: OSC + DSSI not working, at least on openSUSE

Tim termtech at rogers.com
Wed Nov 15 02:15:31 UTC 2017

On 11/14/2017 08:39 PM, Christopher Arndt wrote:
> Am 15.11.2017 um 01:58 schrieb Tim:
>> I turned on hexter debugging, and added my own to liblo and hexter:
>> ------------------------------
>> initOSC() url:osc.udp://linux-2lbs:19899/
> What does 'linux-2lbs' resolve too?

OMG that's it. Thank you!

My machine name "linux-2lbs" was *not* in my /etc/hosts file.

Even after I went to SUSE's Yast Network Settings and changed my
  machine name and rebooted, it *still* did not appear in /etc/hosts.
Maybe it's a SUSE policy thing, trying to be safe?

Although, there's an option to add my hostname as loopback at in /etc/hosts so that the host name is
  "...resolvable at all times even without a network...".

But instead, I simply added " linux-2lbs" to the /etc/hosts.


  AFAICR, by default liblo does not
> compile in IPv6 support (becuase it has some unresolved issues).
> Chris

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