[LAD] Petri-Foo active development?

trebmuh at tuxfamily.org trebmuh at tuxfamily.org
Tue Aug 7 23:23:34 CEST 2018


Le 2018-07-18 12:40, hgn a écrit :
> I deleted my bug reports in frustration recently.
> But the most important ones I remember:
> 1) I forgot the circumstances where that happens but the "Trim"
> playback mode (play sound until note off) internally changes to
> "single shot".  if I remember correctly that was after changing the
> Amp level either with the GUI or through a Midi CC.
> 2) Setting the amplitude to 0 does not mute the the sound (I used this
> to trigger a "city soundscape" with a midi controller and wanted to
> slowly turn down the volume with a CC7 volume know.

Please, do not hesitate to re-add these here :
Then people can keep track of those.


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