[LAD] All videos online, website going to read-only mode

trebmuh at tuxfamily.org trebmuh at tuxfamily.org
Sat Aug 18 22:57:10 CEST 2018

Le 2018-07-15 22:46, Linux Audio Conference a écrit :
> Dear Linux Audio community,
> we're sending this mail to let you know about the availability of the
> remaining videos from LAC2018.
> You can find them on media.ccc.de [1] and on the dedicated event pages
> linked to in the schedule [2].
> We hope you had a great time at the conference and if you couldn't be
> there physically,
> this is now the time to have a look at much of what has happened in
> Berlin this year.
> In other news, the website [3] is going to read-only mode shortly.
> See you at future LACs!
> [1] https://media.ccc.de/b/conferences/lac/lac18
> [2] https://lac.linuxaudio.org/2018/pages/schedule/
> [3] https://lac.linuxaudio.org/2018/

I didn't have the opportunity to go at the LAC 2018 and it's much useful
for me to be able to watch the conferences/talks/performances/... and
other bits & pieces.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in LAC 2018 and the videos.
You guys rocks.


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