Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Wed Aug 29 13:11:30 CEST 2018

I need lossless JACK MIDI networking outside of JACK's built-in
networking, and not multicast unless someone can tell me
straightforwardly how to get multicast (qmidinet) to run within
localhost as well as outside it.  Thus I am thinking of trying my hand
at using the Mido library to bridge JACK MIDI and TCP.  I have never
done this sort of coding before, programmatorially I am mostly a deep
scripting guy, Python-heavy with a bunch of Bash on Linux, Powershell-
heavy on Windows of late, with a pile of history on back in Perl on
both and VBA on Windows.  Anyone have
hints...suggestions...alternatives...a best or better starting
place?  Right now I don't want the applets to do GUI at all, I just
want them to sit quietly in xterms, on JACK servers, keeping
connection, and passing MIDI data to and fro, as other processes and
devices bring it.

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