[LAD] Polyphonic normal guitar to midi: Jam Origins' MIDI-Guitar

Tim termtech at rogers.com
Tue Jun 26 00:31:12 CEST 2018

Hi list, some time ago a coder was asking about
  making such an app. I think it's on github.

I replied that I made one, and then I posted my
  very old project on github. terminator356/polyguitsynth

It used FFTs, no windowing, but actually sort of worked.
Latency was of course fundamentally an issue.
I have always had my eye on this golden egg of a goal,
  but obviously it's tough, beyond my skills and time.

So I sat down this weekend to try to modernize it.
Qt, RtAudio, and especially the DSP. I looked at aubio
  but unfortunately its 'aubionotes' feature is
  (currently?) monophonic.

Then I stumbled across this product,
  MIDI-Guitar from Jam Origins.

I realize it's Windows product and this is Linux, but...

Wow! What the... how the...
The accuracy is astounding. The latency very low.

Go and grab it, ye original poster who requested this!

Very cheap price. I bought it. Worth every penny (I told them)!
It runs flawlessly under wine with wineASIO  - and - Jack2
  which some said was broken in this respect...

I read they use more than just spectral stuff.
Like AI used in speech recognition and so on.

Amazing what DSP audio and image coding can do these days.
Any thoughts on coding techniques? I've read a lot of papers!
Some say using FFTs + auto-correlation comparisons.
Some say non-negative matrix.
My head spins, but this team definitely deserves praise.
Can open source come up with something?

Cheers, Tim.

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